My name is Jordan Saller and this is my testimony:

I was raised up in a small, strict, church for most of my childhood. My family went to church almost every week and the weeks that we didn't my parents would read the Bible to my brothers and me. And even though my parents held church as a high priority we sometimes put other things, such as hockey, ahead of it. But as a child I never really understood that there was more to religion than just going to church. Around my eight-grade year we left our church and started going to a more contemporary church. I started to see a transition in my parents that I could not explain, so I began to investigate for myself what was causing this change to happen. I started to ask questions, and the more I tried to figure things out, the more I felt the spirit trying to open my eyes to the truth. I saw people who were living passionately for God and I realized that Christianity was more than just church, it was a personal relationship with Christ. Shorty after that I opened my heart to a relationship with Christ and asked for His will to be done in my life. When it came time for me to decide what I wanted to do with my life I knew that I would never be happy working a normal job. I felt a need to do something that would make an impact on the world. After prayer and careful thought I came to the conclusion that serving God was the only thing worth doing; that any other job would never satisfy that feeling. After a lot of prayer and a change in majors I have found where God is calling me to serve Him. I am now a youth ministry major at Olivet Nazarene University and a volunteer at a local youth group. Thanks to the affirmation of family, friends, and the Father Ed Grotovsky Scholarship, I know that I am where God wants me to be, and I can't wait to see what the Spirit will do through me.

Here is my testimonial for the scholarship.

I am very thankful for the Father Ed Grotovsky Religious life Scholarship. The scholarship has assisted me throughout my first semester at Lincoln Christian University. It has enabled me to focus on my studies in the area of children's ministry. The extra money made it possible for me to concentrate on school rather than spending my time working. My first semester at LCU has been a great one. I have learned so much about the Bible and about myself. I am excited to continue on with my journey of bringing glory to God with my life.
- Karisa McInnis

My name is Kristin Hartnett

I am currently in my second year at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I graduated from Lincoln-Way East High School in June of 2009. My senior year, I spent a great deal of time wrestling with what school to go to, and what to do with my life. Regardless of where I had decided to go, and what I had decided to major in, one thing I knew was that I had been called by God to pursue a life of full-time ministry. Before making my final decision, I received the Fr. Ed Grotovsky Scholarship. The people who chose me for this scholarship had never met me before. I believe they trusted that God would lead them in choosing someone for this scholarship that God was going to use to impact this world for Christ. I consider it a huge blessing that they chose me. Not only did this scholarship help me purchase my books freshman year, but it has contributed to my education in ministry. I made a decision in July of 2009 to attend Cornerstone University, and in January of that same year, I declared a double major in Bible and Art of Ministry. I don't know what lies ahead in my future, but I do know that God has a divine purpose for my life. So, I will continue to trust in Him knowing that He is good and He is faithful.